A simple tool for audio/video streams and media size/length cross calculation

With RateXCalc you can:

1. I have to know the best audio or video bitrate for a given movie (length).
I'll lock the audio or the video variable and let the program calculates
these values selecting the amount of CD or other media that I intend to use.

2. I want to lock the media variable: changing the other variables the
program will let me know how many CD I must use and the percentile fit of
the CD or the last one (if more than one).
So I can define the time, choose a preferred audio bitrate and play with
the video bitrate slider to get an optimized distribution of data on the x
RateXCalc uses TrollTech Qt and is a friendly multiplatform Open Source (GPL).

You can find the download page for documentations, win32 binaries and sources here.

Inquiries, contact requests: http://www.xul.it

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